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Content Creation & Repurposing

You’ve got great ideas but aren’t sure how to turn them into a series, workshop, webinar, or an 8-week program – We get it. We can deconstruct what’s in your head and repurpose it into the format of your choice.


Beautifully Crafted, High-Quality Videos

Let’s face it - videos shot on your phone just aren’t cutting it. We’ve got you covered in the camera, lighting, frame angles, inset text, and final editing department.


Great Location Partners for the Shoots

Location, location, location. We’ve got tie-ups with some of the most beautiful venues/studios in your city. Never worry about bad shots ever again.


The Technology Platform

Whether you’re tech-savvy or not - setting up a platform and dealing with the cost and nitty gritty of the tech side of things can be daunting at best. Let us take that off your shoulders.


Our Marketing Chops

Who do you target your content to? How do you increase viewership? How can you track the month on month delta? Our digital marketing team can help build strategies to enable smooth sailing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work with content creators ?

Every part of the process is broken down into clear steps and actionables. The initial discussion will cover everything from thoughts & ideas, target audience to kind of course and sustainability in the bigger scheme of things. Post that - Masterlife works with you to create concise, simple to consume, and impactful content pieces.

Who owns the content? What platforms can I put it on?
  1. You own the content.
  2. The platform choice is entirely yours.
  3. If the content is in alignment with Masterlife’s core belief system then we can have a discussion around on-boarding it onto the Masterlife Platform as well.
What do I do once I’ve created this content?

If you’ve created marketing videos with us, you can place them on your social media profiles, your website or any other platform. However, if you have created self paced courses or community focused courses, you can use Masterlife or any other marketplace to run these programs.

How much would it cost me?
  1. Our rates are a steal considering they're 50% of regular market rates.
  2. If you’re looking for support in content restructuring and repurposing of your ideas then that would be an additional cost depending on the style of the course.
Can I just record a few videos with you?

Absolutely - as long as you record at least three videos.

What if I am a brand and I want to create a bundle of courses?

We are very comfortable with bundling content for corporates.

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