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We are India’s first DATA-DRIVEN Learning Platform for sharpening the MIND - created by bringing together Therapists, Psychologists and Experts.

We help people learn skills for the mind and build habits that stick for life. Thousands of people have benefitted from our ever-increasing list of courses across 600+ modules on every life skill you can imagine.

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The Vital 8 Method

We believe that there are 8 areas of a person's life in which the mind needs to be at peak performance for improving mental well-being and optimizing the mind’s performance.

At Masterlife, we run you through our scientific assessments based on which we positively impact the deficit areas. We do this through optimally designed self and community based programs created by the best therapist, psychologists, and experts in the country - exclusively for Masterlife.

For those who wish to take this to the next level, we also provide one-on-one sessions with our experts and/or assign a personal Habit Coach to achieve life goals - all this from the comfort of your phone screen.

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What We Offer

Life Assessment

Take exclusive Masterlife assessments and compare your life skill scores with the rest of the country. Registered Masterlife Explorers will have complete access to assessments and comparative scores for FREE.

Self Paced Programs

Master life skills for the mind through exclusive courses. Our team of Therapists, Entrepreneurs, Stylists, Sports Players/Trainers, and successful Business Leaders will train you from the basics up - on your own time and from the comfort of your phone screen.

One-on-One Expert Sessions

Directly interact with some of the smartest minds in the country. Continue to upskill your mind through dedicated coaching from one or more of our ever-increasing list of experts.

Dedicated Habit Coaches

Our unique MASTER THE BEST YOU PROGRAM boosts your commitment to picking up any life-skill. Get a dedicated PERSONAL COACH who will make sure that you achieve your goals no matter what and watch as you improve tremendously in 5 critical areas: Fitness, Diet, Sleep, Mental Health, and Productivity.

Free Videos for the Mind

Power-packed with life lessons for developing mind-skills, these videos will help you achieve your goals. How to get an amazing job, attract the right life partner, interact better with bosses and colleagues, manage your emotions, and much, much more – all absolutely FREE.

Book Deconstructions

Choose from optimally tagged literature beyond the courses to fill up your knowledge tank on the daily. Each deconstruction features important lessons, key takeaways, memorable quotes and book purchase options.

Our Team of Experts

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Ajay Ushakanth


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Anmol Garg

Public Speaking

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Anirudh Narayan

Business Idea to Validation

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Anna Chandy


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Sarah Edwards

Mindful Eating

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Yoga & Wellness

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Health & Weight Loss

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Ajit Singh Tapasvi

Soulful Living

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Feroza Engineer

Confidence & Emotional Quotient

No image
Jay Kumar Hariharan

Impactful Storytelling

No image
Savitha Nanjappa

Abundance Mindset

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Siva S

Sales Mindset

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Financial Abundance

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Ranjini Rao

Vision Boarding

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Meghana Rabindranath

Fitness Mindset

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Sleep Evangelist

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Paras Sharma

Stress Management

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Sharan Kuttappa

Interpersonal Skills

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Priyanka Bharadwaj

Relationship Abundance

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Raashid Navlakhi

Design Thinking

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Amitabh Shwetta

Spiritual Therapist

No image
Sandhya Reddy

Authentic Living

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Karn Malhotra

Design Thinking

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Germinate Investor Services

Investment Solution

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Sarita Raghuvanshi

Brand & Image Consulting

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Subscription Plans


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₹ 799 Per Course

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  • All Life Skill Videos
  • All Book Deconstructions
  • All Self Paced Programs
  • Discounted Merchandise

Annual Subscription

₹ 3999 Per Year

  • All Assessments
  • All Life Skill Videos
  • All Book Deconstructions
  • All Self Paced Programs
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