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We help you create positive habits and master life skills that empower your best self. Join the world's first platform that quantifies life skills and raises the bar for Happiness Quotient.

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The Vital 8 Method

We believe there are 8 areas of a person's life that need to be in balance to achieve peak levels of happiness.
At Masterlife, we run our Explorers through scientific assessments based on which we positively impact the deficit areas. We do this through optimally designed self and community based programs created by the best experts in the country. Exclusively for Masterlife.

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  • Personal
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What We Offer

Life Assessment

Take exclusive Masterlife assessments and compare your life skill scores with the rest of the country. Registered Masterlife Explorers will have complete access to assessments and comparative scores for FREE.

Self Paced Programs

Master good habits through exclusive 30-day programs that have been developed with some of the most renowned experts in the country. Take up one or more programs at at time to work towards a newer you every 30 days.

Community Based Programs

Join our community of fellow Explorers who are also on a quest towards a higher happiness quotient. Stay motivated and engaged using a buddy system approach to completing the Masterclass courses.

Book Deconstructions

Choose from optimally tagged literature beyond the courses to fill up your knowledge tank on the daily. Each deconstruction features important lessons, key takeaways, memorable quotes and book purchase options.

Life Skill Videos

A Masterlife exclusive video series featuring founder Anirudh Narayan and other experts, this will help you upskill across categories like business, personal growth, relationships, money, physical and mental health, to name a few. A successful business mentor and author, Anirudh is one of the top Growth Hackers in the world and has helped over 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs and 50 startups in the US, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Masterlife Explorers will have FREE access to this series.

Our Team of Experts

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Ajay Ushakanth


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Anmol Garg

Public Speaking

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Anirudh Narayan

Business Idea to Validation

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Anna Chandy


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Sarah Edwards

Mindful Eating

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Yoga & Wellness

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Health & Weight Loss

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Subscription Plans


  • All Assessments
  • Limited Life Skill Videos
  • Limited Book Deconstructions


₹ 299 Per Month

  • All Assessments
  • All Life Skill Videos
  • All Book Deconstructions
  • All Self Paced Programs
  • Discounted Merchandise


₹ 699 Per Month

  • All Assessments
  • All Life Skill Videos
  • All Book Deconstructions
  • All Self Paced Programs
  • All Cohort Based Programs
  • Offers on Offline Classes
  • Offers on Merchandise

Lifetime Access

₹ 2,499

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  • Sign up pre-launch and get an all access pass for all that Masterlife has to offer.
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